an introduction to noel thrasher

by noel thrasher

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JT All of the songs on this album are great! Noel's voice is amazing. Favorite track: dead moon.
Meownet David
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Meownet David Thank you for being the words for certain things that are hard to say. Thank you for saying things that are hard to realize. Thank you for echoing my internal struggle. Thank you for being human. I've listened to you for a couple years now, I hope you're doing okay these days. I'm happy you started making music again. May Gods grace be with you.
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released April 18, 2013



all rights reserved


noel thrasher Greenville, South Carolina

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Track Name: hmm, i was born
dust breathed in stuck pacing the ground
holding on to what you found
once the clock can't handle everything
the clock

maybe it's just how you think?
maybe it's just how you think?
the great misperception
through the mass coloring

i've never known someone who wasn't lonely
i've never known someone who wasn't lonely
no one has ever known me
no one has ever known me

the hard old man says he's living in hell
you check yourself in you can check yourself out
i was born knowing one thing
i was born

(god is my body)

you can't hide what you can't show
feel it breaking from deep below
the saint now in the same dream
the saint now in the same dream
Track Name: cry babies
people crying to hear people crying
and i am just the same

listen to me while i vomit
listen to me while i make everything
that was ever once sacred ashamed

my father lives on the computer
and drinks mucho alcohol
my mother is as quick as a viper
for a good time her number's on the wall

we cry out to feel some pain that makes sense
we're crying out for one simple wish
to be safely hidden to be 21 and in diapers

people practicing pretend personalities
wandering around repeating their names
i am micheal oh yes i am micheal hello i am micheal
i play the micheal game

oh my lord your children are so confused
oh my lord your children are stuck with
reading the bible and reading the snazzy GQ

oh my lord are we really this ill?
oh my earth it is amazing that through all the filth
and through all the wealth your're here still
Track Name: flower song
nothing growing from something
find your kind of succession
chloroplasts and plaster
i answer myself's own questions

timothy the young boy
knows just what he's after
i don't really care at all and the night
is nearing much faster

the leaves are growing older
in the dark i lie here beneath them
the sun smiles as it gets colder
more than once or twice i have asked him

"why can't i stop thinking
and live pretty just like a flower?"
i question why i'm still blinking
and not closing my eyes at this hour

oh why?

i finally learned how to breathe and not be real
you can't really be alive unless you think and you feel
sitting lying and standing my three favorite positions
forgot the taste of candy right after i lost all vision

i'm attached to strings you don't see them
but of course i can't control my movement
i sit here quiet as dumb as a rock to slow
to make any improvement

you said you love me i think you do
that alone is amazing
smile at me and kiss my face but am i really a person?

am i?
Track Name: friend of all matter
i'd like to remember
when i was first here
believing in all things

i lie as light as a feather
i float with the wind
only landing in the right places

soft smiles and sitting by the water
the lilies always swam
i stay and listen for whispers of things to come

the time is every growing nearer
don't stray away too far
her life takes all things

i won't cry while the stars are exploding
just look back inside
all love has kept me

thank you friend of all matter
for keeping us here
living, living, living, living
Track Name: dead moon
a long time ago
before the ages were old
i walked these streams and knew my soul

the moon is dead tonight
the stars they can't complain
with the dead moon in your eyes i feel so insane

your image does not stir
it reigns me deep inside
frozen sucking air i feel so alive

turn around so slow
i think i saw you move
fill it to the brim with the clearest gentle smoke

i guess i'm doing alright
no don't you worry about me
i'm just lying here alone with the revery
Track Name: the most beautiful dream
the most beautiful dream
the most beautiful dream
wasn't of anything
of anything

a bird came to me
a bird came to me
when i wasn't looking
when i wasn't looking
Track Name: outro (you can spill your heart out)
i carry this sack of potatoes around
and gaze upon our barbie doll town
with a flick of my wrist i could knock it all down
but then i would feel bad

the light from the stars is piercing my skull
the thoughts in my head are melodic and dull
one and two spread out like a map
and painted on a sheet

i'm the only thing that's alive
i'm the only thing

the king of all kings
the chaps of all chaps
he gave me some bread
and i gave it to jack
us angels are real
we sit in a row and i sit in the back

i'm the only thing that's alive
i'm the only thing

i kick the rocks and pull on my shirt
the knife in my heart's like a stick in the dirt
i live alone either above or below
oh i'm just in a dream

i'm the only thing that's alive
i'm the only thing